The Story Behind the Image - Ep. 003

"For the Love of Life, Art and Memories"

I am grateful that my weddings span Cultures. It is exciting because LOVE, the kind that unites those in love is Universal.

This amazing Habesha Wedding, rich in African culture and tradition, spanned two full days. In the midst of family reunion and marital union, there was the Regal Grandmother of the Bride (who flew in from East Africa). I was smitten!

I know my assignment: my Bride and Groom. But how could I resist getting an elegant portrait of my Brides 90+ year old grandmother - I couldn't! With moments to spare, I waited patiently. This portrait WAS NOT POSED by the way. I just sat across the room and waited...

Within that moment, I captured a memory and a moment that will last generations. The expression and skin tone. Her wedding day attire and the texture. And the stories in her face. By far my most precious Portrait of the Year - at a spectacular wedding. Oh, wait a minute! Almost forgot. And there there was the wedding...

Wedding: Bob & Laura

We finally arrived at the day we've been waiting for: THE WEDDING of Bob and Laura! Weddings are always an anticipated event, but this wedding we just couldn't wait. And we made it!

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer

The ceremony was at the beautiful Sacred Heart Parish in Los Angeles CA (built in 1887!). This could not have been a more fitting service for this Union.

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer

Laura looked radiant and my groom, Bob was styling. It was a beautiful day in Southern California - perfect for a wedding.

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer

Then we moved over to Burbank, CA to the exquisite Olivia Restaurant.

San Bernardino Wedding Photographer

Here's to many Happy Year's to Bob & Laura. It was an honor to capture their day.

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